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Estuary API Swagger Documentation

Swagger is the most widely used tooling ecosystem for developing APIs with the OpenAPI Specification(OAS).

The Estuary API Swagger to document and extend it's APIs.

How to get started with Estuary Swagger

Swagger has a great interface that allows developers to test out the endpoints without having to download and run the node.

Step 1: Get your API Key

You can view the quick guide on how to get an API key here

Step 2: Open the Swagger Page on the new tab

Open the Estuary API Swagger UI here

Once you have the API key, you would need to put this key on the Authorized modal popup.

API Key placement

Step 3: Run and test some of the endpoints

Go here to test out a few examples.

Additional Reference

  • The swagger json is available here You can load this in any swagger-ui compliant client to test it with your own set of tools.
  • Open the Estuary API Swagger UI here
  • Open the SwaggerHub open api for estuary here